About Redford Charles

Redford Charles Limited was established by Graham Redford Charles Wretham, in February 2005.

We pride ourselves on our ability to teach our clients by providing a thorough understanding of the topics and ensuring technical competence; where most of our peers choose to focus on just getting you through an exam. The feedback we receive and the repeat business we see from those who have attended our courses gives us confidence that the vast knowledge and experience of our team makes us unique and allows us to to provide:

- A ‘one stop shop’ route to technical competence for electrical contractors and individual electricians by way of training and site assessment of competence.
- Training provision on Electrical and Building Regulations to non electrical staff of Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Landlords and other organisations who have a responsibility for electrical installations in their premises.
- Project management on electrical assessment related projects and initiatives.
- Consultancy services.

Whilst the Operations Director of NICEIC Assessment Services, Graham identified the enormous demand for technical qualifications in order to be able to enrol or register with the NICEIC’s Approved Contractor or Domestic Installer Schemes. These schemes both demand a rigorous assessment of the electrical contractor’s technical competence before registration.

Redford Charles was therefore established to provide electrical contractors and electricians with electrical training across a wide range of relevant subjects whilst also undertaking site assessment visits to establish the technical competence and understanding of the IEE Wiring Regulations, and other related electrical issues, of the principal individuals within an enterprise.
Part P of the Building Regulations came into effect on 1st January 2005. There is a plethora of information and requirements that responsible individuals and their staff need to be aware of. As a leading expert on Part P and its associated requirements, Graham Wretham was heavily involved in the development and implementation of the NICEIC Part P Domestic Installer Scheme. Graham undertook a number of seminars to Contractors and Building Control staff throughout the UK during the latter part of 2004. Graham is, therefore, able to speak from first hand experience on the implications of Part P and its requirements. Moreover, Graham can address a number of related issues to both electrical and non electrical staff of organisations involved in Part P and other Building Regulation requirements.

Redford Charles undertakes project management on schemes and processes relating to assessment of electrical competence.

Whilst also at NICEIC, Graham had to critically review the methods and procedures of how an organisation works to continue to meet its aims and objectives. He was involved in a number of initiatives that restructured the NICEIC organisation or Group, or introduced new, radical, procedures to ensure that the aims and objectives were maintained within a changing, and challenging, service industry. To achieve these changes required a methodical and disciplined approach to project management with critical reviews of time and progress for each project and moreover, with co-ordination between a number of departments.