Assessment of Electrical Contractors

In order to register with one of the government’s approved Scheme Providers, electrical contractors, electricians and other responsible persons will need to demonstrate the appropriate technical competence at the time of the assessment visit.

A pre-assessment visit, either individually or collectively, where the assessment requirements and processes are reviewed, together with a comprehensive session on inspection, testing and certification of electrical installations, will enable applicants to be better prepared for the arrival of the Scheme Provider’s Assessor when he come to undertake the formal assessment visit.

The purpose of a pre-assessment visit is to provide assistance to an applicant, registering with a Scheme Provider, with the application process, from filling in the application forms to understanding the process of assessment of technical competence. The main topic being to cover the requirements for inspecting, testing and certifying the work undertaken.

Redford Charles Ltd undertakes assessments of electrical contractor’s and electrician’s technical competence, by way of on-site assessments of work undertaken, on behalf of a number of Registered Certification Bodies.

In order to register with one of The Department for Communities and Local Government, formally the office of the deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) recognised Certification Bodies, electrical contractors need to achieve technical compliance by following the fundamental principles for safety set out in Chapter 13 of BS 7671:2001. During the site assessments with electrical contractors, Redford Charles Ltd will explore this understanding, of the Qualified Supervisor in particular, and will make an appropriate recommendation to the Certification Body.

The operational staff of Redford Charles are experienced assessors of the technical competence of electrical enterprises, this experience coming from years of working for the market leader in the field of technical assessment, the NICEIC. The Assessors of Redford Charles assess the technical skills and understanding of the Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) and other associated Codes of Practice of the nominated Qualified Supervisors of electrical contractors wishing to register with one of the principal Certification Bodies.

Electrical Consultancy
Redford Charles provides electrical consultancy services to clients. This service can range from electrical design requirements through to on-site supervision and verification of electrical installations or periodic reports.

Inspection on Demand
Are you unsure about what your client is asking you to do with regard to their electrical installation? As importantly, is your client unsure about what you are providing, without wishing to make a formal complaint to your Registration Body?
If so, why not invite us to undertake an inspection of the work done so far so as to establish whether or not the completed installation will meet the requirements of BS 7671, The Wiring Regulations.

An ‘Inspection on demand’ is a constructive and helpful way in which both contractor and client can achieve a satisfactory conclusion to any difference in opinion of design etc without necessarily becoming involved in formal complaints, or worse, litigation.