Basic Electrical Awareness and Safe Isolation

This course is for mechanical and semi-skilled operatives that require a basic knowledge of electrical installations and equipment.

Course Duration:
1 Day

Course Dates:
Tuesday 24 October

£166.67 + VAT

Basic Electrical topics covered:

  • Electricity as a form of energy
  • Supply systems
  • Electricity, molecules and the atom
  • Conductors
  • Insulators
  • The basic electrical circuit
  • Ohm's Law
  • Series circuits
  • Measuring current (ammeter)
  • Measuring voltage (voltmeter)
  • Direct current and alternating current
  • Earthing arrangements and systems in the UK
  • Dangers of electricity
  • Risks and effects of electric shock
  • Levels of voltage
  • Fire risks
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Double insulation and other protective measures

Safe Isolation topics covered:

  • Dangers of electricity
  • Risk and effects of electric shock
  • Levels of voltage
  • Earthing systems
  • Fire risk
  • Earthing and bonding
  • Industrial accidents
  • Electricity at work
  • Assessing safe working practices
  • Deciding whether to work 'dead' or 'live' and how to do both
  • Safe isolation procedures
  • Additional precautions
  • Twelve steps to safe isolation
  • Safe isolation flowchart