Once you have completed Basic Electrical Awareness & Safe Isolation training with us, or have gained this knowledge elsewhere,  you can progress and attend a two-day Accessory Replacement training course. 


This course is designed to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills to be able to replace ‘like for like accessories’ such as light fittings, a socket outlet and a 13amp connection unit; and to carry out the relevant testing and documentation.

It is for those suitably training to be able to carry out small electrical works as part of their role, such as Caretakers, Property Maintenance personnel, Facilities Management companies, Schools, Joiners, Plumbers, Gas Engineers.

Course Duration: Two days

Course Dates:

Accessory Replacement - Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November


£360.00 + VAT

The Law:

It is worth remembering that under the Electricity at Work Regulations there is a requirement for persons undertaking any electrical work to be competent;  be it new circuits, alterations or simple like for like changes.  For this reason, ‘Best Practice’ within the industry would be to undertake basic checks and tests when carrying out the accessory replacement.

By necessity, the person undertaking the work should have sufficient skill, knowledge and experience to carry out simple tests and measurements and be able to verify the safety of the work undertaken. This includes:

  • Safely isolate, prove dead and work safely

  • Understanding of wiring systems and regulations associated with replacing accessories

  • Visual and electrical tests relevant to replacement of accessories.


Contents for Accessory Replacement

  • Basic electrical theory

  • Electrical shock

  • Overview of current and resistance

  • Earthing and why it’s important

  • Circuit identification

  • Protective devices

  • Lighting and power circuits

  • Identification of terminations

  • Termination types

  • Conductor types

  • Regulations specific to replacing accessories

  • Limitations of electrical work allowed

  • Safe working practices

  • Test equipment

  • Replacing socket outlets, fused spur units and light fittings

  • Completion of appropriate documentation


Assessments will comprise of a written 20 question multiple choice test paper, plus practical assessments covering replacement of various accessories and completion of appropriate documentation.

Upon successful completion, learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement detailing topics that have been covered in the course.