This one-day course is for mechanical and semi-skilled operatives that require a basic knowledge of electrical installations and equipment.
Course Dates:

Friday 5th November

Monday 8th November

Cost: £180.00 + VAT

Basic Electrical topics covered:

  • Electricity as a form of energy

  • Supply systems

  • Electricity, molecules and the atom

  • Conductors

  • Insulators

  • The basic electrical circuit

  • Ohm's Law

  • Series circuits

  • Measuring current (ammeter)

  • Measuring voltage (voltmeter)

  • Direct current and alternating current

  • Earthing arrangements and systems in the UK

  • Dangers of electricity

  • Risks and effects of electric shock

  • Levels of voltage

  • Fire risks

  • Earthing and bonding

  • Double insulation and other protective measures​​

Safe Isolation topics covered:

  • Dangers of electricity

  • Risk and effects of electric shock

  • Levels of voltage

  • Earthing systems

  • Fire risk

  • Earthing and bonding

  • Industrial accidents

  • Electricity at work

  • Assessing safe working practices

  • Deciding whether to work 'dead' or 'live' and how to do both

  • Safe isolation procedures

  • Additional precautions

  • Twelve steps to safe isolation

  • Safe isolation flowchart

Once you have completed Basic Electrical Awareness & Safe Isolation training, you can progress and attend a two-day Accessory Replacement training course - These days are for those suitably training to be able to carry out small electrical works as part of their role, such as Caretakers, Property Maintenance personnel, Facilities Management companies, Schools, Joiners, Plumbers, Gas Engineers. 

(Accessory Replacement - Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd September)

(Accessory Replacement - Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th November)

Click on the link for further details:  Accessory Replacement