Surge Protection against Voltage Disturbance and Electromagnetic Disturbances


With the introduction of the 18th Edition, the requirements for Surge Protection on electrical installations has been changed.


BS 7671 now requires Surge Protection to be provided as protection against transient over-voltages - where there is a risk of injury, business interruption and where individuals are located together.  In all other cases, a risk assessment shall be performed to determine if surge protection is required. Without that risk assessment it is assumed that surge protection is necessary and therefore requires to be installed. 


To bring you up to date with all these changes within this section of the Wiring Regulations, we are providing a one-day training course. 


Topics typically covered will be:

  • Protection against overvoltages of atmospheric origin (lightning)

  • Protection against overvoltages generated by the equipment within the installation (switching of inductive loads)

  • Consequential levels of protection (consequences and risk assessment calculations)

  • Sources of electromagnetic disturbances

  • Selection and erection of surge protective devices

  • Connection of surge protective devices

  • Typical installation methods of a surge protective device in a power distribution board

To attend one of our Surge Protection training days you can find information of cost and dates by clicking the following link 'Training Courses